The world works all right,
but we human beings don't.
We seem to create more problems than we manage to solve.

Life is what happens to all of us. Not a dream, not a memory, but what actually is taking place in our mind and outside.

There IS a way out of the world crisis. It is not in the future, it is here and now. It is in our consciousness. It starts with seeing the world as it actually is.

Facts matter!


To solve the big global problems, one thing in the human psyche MUST change! We must learn to deal with facts.

Whole and One


I told about my book project in my September blog (in Finnish only). The book is about solving the world crisis, finding a solution to all human problems. Sounds crazy - but also important and urgent!

Back to Pafos


There are things we don't understand, if we have not experienced them. There are also things we think we understans. There are events that change the course of our life.

This interview in Helsingin Sanomat 3rd December 2017 caused more feedback than any other article from or by me.