Insights into Immensity


There IS a way out of the world crisis. It is not in the future, it is here and now. It is in our consciousness. It starts with seeing the world as it actually is.

Said, but not done. We do NOT see the world as it is. We look at everything through our conditioned self. Our thoughts are the filter we use in living. We don't see whether our thoughts represent the world correctly or incorrectly. People love their thoughts and feelings more than they love facts, because they look at the world very superficially, with eyes and senses only.

There is a world we do NOT know. You either sense it or you don't. Nobody can give it to you. It is, whether you see it or not.

My book "Insights into Immensity" is a summary of 52 dialogues between Krishnamurti and David Bohm. From 1965 to 1983 they met and discussed the state of the world. In 1980, K said humanity took a wrong turn when thinking became our main tool in understanding the world. This is something totally different than anybody has ever said.

We regard thinking as a tool to solve problems. It can do that, but it is also the main cause of our problems. Thinking creates problems. In trying to solve our problems we neglect the fact that we also create them. Sometimes the best thing to do would be to stop thinking but it goes on automatically.

The solution here is what K and Bohm call insight, having a direct perception into what is happening just now. Thinking has a role in living but not the significance we give it. Rather than a solution, it is the problem.

In identifying with our thoughts we create conflict and separation. That is how most human problems are born. As David Bohm says in the linked video, we are not aware of the process that causes all our trouble.

This means that we will never solve our problems with thinking. To me, that is the main message of K and Bohm dialogues. 

Having an insight into immensity does not mean that we don't think at all. It means that we think only when it is absolutely necessary. Images, opinions, ideologies are not necessary in seeing the world as it is. They are in the way of seeing. 

Seeing that our self is conditioned and limited opens the door to immensity.  This is a liberating insight. Dispelling the conditioned self frees us from a vast burden of collective nonsense that we have psychologically collected through centuries. 

Being free is a condition for seeing the actual facts. Without seeing we are dead entities wasting our life.