F. David Peat: Infinite Potential

The Life and Times of David Bohm

This is the biography of David Bohm, written by his friend and fellow physicist F. David Peat. It is a story of an extraordinary scientist, original thinker, who made influential contributions to physics, philosophy, consciousness, psychology, language, and education.

Peat describes how David Bohm came to believe that the traditional interpretation of quantum mechanics--with its barriers of uncertainty--was incomplete. In a bold step that turned quantum mechanics on its head, he introduced the "implicate order" which created a storm of controversy, yet may well have opened the door to a much deeper theory of the nature of reality.

In the book, the general reader will obtain the first clear, non-mathematical explanation of Bohm's brilliant theory, which gave new hope of finding the elusive "hidden variables" theory, the missing piece of the quantum mechanics puzzle for which Albert Einstein had spent decades searching. As Peat shows, Einstein had such high regard for Bohm and his work that he made Bohm his close collaborator and friend.