RIGHT NOW - Living in What Is

Is it possible to see the world as it is? How to live with facts? Now we look at life through our ego, and the picture it shows is narrow, not right.

The mind is our link to the world. There is a mistake in the settings of our minds. Because of this, the world is broken. It can be fixed if the ego gives up its role as a boss and accepts to be a servant of the mind. This requires changing our false assumptions

Our self is a creation of thought. It lives in time; remembers the past, and plans the future. Yet, living is very actual, something is happening right now. So we live in two worlds: in time and right now. 

This is what this book describes. The first two parts present the conditions of seeing right and doing right in ten theses. In part three there are over thousand observations about living in time and right now. 

The book challenges us to live right now, and face the facts as they are, without ego distortions.

The entire book is available free online. The printed book will be out in March on Amazon.



Is Seeing and Doing Right Possible? The Purpose of Living. A Journey Beyond Words


1. Wonderland

In Time and Right Now. The Endless Ego Adjusting. Watching with or without Ego? The Mind Creates Us

2. Face the Facts

The Unfortunate Mistake. Let's Change the Course. What's Wrong with the Mind? Refreshing the Settings.

3. Tune the Mind

The Key: Now. Mind Functions and Failures. Tuning into the Miracle Frequency. 

4. Everything Can be Fixed

A New Agenda. Hope is Wishful Thinking. We Are the Problem.

5. Ego as a Servant

Nonstop Contact: The Mind Online. Checking Your Life.


6. We Can Do More

The Potential for Miracles. Being Charged. Everything Has a Purpose. A Reason to Get Up 

7. Doing for Others

Needs and Purpose. Redefinition of Gaols. Seven Reasons to Work for. 

8. Working Together

All Heads Up! Strong and Stupid Groups. The Very Best Work Differently. Don't Be Afraid of Fear.

9. Raise to Rise

Freedom and ORder. How am I? Energy Flows. Elevating Power. Lifting Others We Lift Ourself. 

10. Life is Going On

Facts or Belief? When You Fall, Get Up Quickly. Unfinished Business. Time is an Assumption. Everything in Order. Seeing Right is Doing Right. 


Observations from Life, Starting from Action, Ending with World View.