Whole and One


I told about my book project in my September blog (in Finnish only). The book is about solving the world crisis, finding a solution to all human problems. Sounds crazy - but also important and urgent!

People asked, if I plan to publish the book in English. My answer was first 'no', after a while 'why not'. Now it is: of course it must be in English!

I am working on the book, but you get a hint of the solution in my website Whole and One.  

A clue: we must re-think thinking. The cause of world problems is not outside us, it is in us. There is a systemic fault in our common way of thinking. To find the root of the problem we must look inside our mind. Mind is our link to the world and that link is now broken. Our world view is based on false assumptions about the world, life and ourselves.

Luckily we have the tools to solve our problems, but, unfortunately, we do not use them.
In fact, we use a tool that creates problems and that is thinking. Our actions are based on thinking. Our world view is based on thinking. Our identity and life are based on thinking.

The trouble with thinking is that it separates us from the world. It draws a line between "I" (ego) and the world. We think we are autonomic, separate individuals. We are not. We are defined by our surroundings. Yes, we are the result of our genes, experiences, knowledge, but we are also programmed and conditioned by the society and culture we live in. So, we are not separate, we are in a fundamental way connected to the world.

Thinking has become all-important to us. We think that our thinking tells us what the world actually is. We are wrong. We deceive ourselves. The world is much more we can think!

We need thinking. You cannot do much without thinking. But thinking also is the cause of our troubles. It is the root of the world crisis, but we do not understand this. We think that we use thinking when we need it, but that is only partly so. Thinking makes us do stupid things.

To save the world we must change the way we think. We must connect in a new way and be one with the world. We need to take two steps: first, see the world as it is and then do what is right under all circumstances.

This is what my site is about. I invite you to look at the world without filters. Thinking is our filter. Our thinking is now egological, based on ego. Ego is a product of thinking. It is only a concept, but very real to us. We are what we think we are. That is our threat and hope: we can change the world by changing our thinking. The question is: do we want to?

Thinking is a material process, a reflex that works "behind our back". We can control and choose some thoughts by will, but our deep feelings, beliefs, opinions, convictions and "personal truths" are not negotiable. We fight for our right to be wrong!

The purpose is not to stop thinking. I invite you to understand not only what thinking is, but what it does to all of us. That insight changes your seeing, doing and being. It blows your mind.

Have you ever had a feeling that you are one with the world? There is no filter then.
In those moments you sense the world as it actually is: one whole.

Then there are no lines between you and the world. You are not defined by limits of thinking. You must see that thinking is a separating factor and prevents us from being whole. That is the lesson we must learn.