Facts matter!


To solve the big global problems, one thing in the human psyche MUST change! We must learn to deal with facts.

Our societies are based on non-facts: belief systems, propaganda, opinions, ideas, prejudices, image-making, make-believe, delusion, decoy, low motives, and even pure lies.

There is a physiological reason for this. We don't see the world as it is. We see everything through our ego-system. It distorts the facts.

Thinking is the distorting factor. It creates a world of its own. We are apt to see thinking as a means to help us out of our mess. It has not done so and it cannot help. Thinking is not the cure, it might be the root cause of our trouble.

We need thinking in solving practical problems but in the psychological area, it is a nuisance and a danger. We seem to regard thoughts as facts. They are not. They only reflect something that is either factual or illusory.

Thoughts are not facts. They only reflect facts.

Thinking creates a world of its own. We are stuck in it but yet we live in the world with other people. This causes inner and outer conflicts.

Unable to deal with facts, we behave irrationally. To avoid this, David Bohm suggested that we suspend our actions. We are apt to react to the first impulse that comes to our mind. Often that comes from our ego and is very partial.

In 1981, I interviewed Bohm after his book "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" was published. I asked him if a human being can ever see the whole. He said that is not possible but we can see that our own view is partial.

Seeing the world as it is, changes our relations with it. It is not a separate entity outside ourself, it is a living thing affecting us deeply.    

According to Bohm, the whole is not made of parts. On the contrary, parts emerge from the whole. Parts are not separate.  The "empty" space between things is not at all empty, it is full of energy and information.

As human beings, we are deeply connected. As individuals, we are different, but not separate. This split between the fact and the thought is the root cause of human conflict.

We are different, not separate.

Seeing this, our mental system undergoes a fundamental change. There are no more two separate movements but one flow of energy. Seeing a fact changes makes our mind whole.

This may sound difficult but it is not. Do it.

Start from where you are.
What you look at, becomes part of you.
You are not separate from it.

Move with the facts only, without words.
Let them speak.

In the endless movement of the universe,
there is no you, no me.
We move together.
There is no past, no future, no time.
Everything happens in the present.

Facts matter!
Seeing the world is being the world.

This blog is based on David Bohm's ideas. More in my book Whole and One or in the Howard Ward brilliant documentary Infinite potential. Link to Bohm's work.