Key concepts

Awareness is one of the key features of our mind. It has eight meanings, the most important being direct perception.

Being awake means to be aware of and use the full potential of our mind.

Blind zones are areas that we are not aware of.

Change is a mind shift which happens in two ways: in time or immediately.

Coherence actions lead to intended results. Incoherence is when you get results you don't intend to get. Incoherent species cannot survive.

Collusion is a collectively shared illusion or delusion.

Conditioning means our learned and adopted mental models, which affect our perceptions and actions.

Dialogue is a method of discourse when we are open to inquiry rather than defending our assumptions and thereby become open to self-knowledge.

Direct awareness/direct perception is seeing without the influence of the ego.

Ego is the self, my image of what and who I am.

Ego-system is a system of separate egos connected to each other only outwardly.

Explicate order is what we can perceive, describe or experience with our senses or instruments. It is the manifest world.

Felts are feelings coming from memory.

Five fights are (1) intellect versus emotions, (2) The self versus self-image, (3) conflicts between people, (4) human beings against nature, (5) we in the universe.

The ground is beyond time and our senses, the fundamental level of existence from which everything is born.

Holomovement is the movement of the whole.

Identity is our image of ourself based on thinking. It has two sides: I as a subject, and 'me' as an object.

Implicate order is the fundamental order of the universe. The basic idea is that the whole universe is enfolded in everything and each thing is enfolded in the whole.

Individual is a private mixture of collective consciousness.

Insight is seeing something in a different way, awakening to a new perception.

Intelligence is our ability to see the incoherence in the systems and react properly.

Internal relationship means that two items would not be the same without the affect of the other. They not only affect each other, they are interdependent. Their whole existence depends on the other!

Levels of living are individual, collective and cosmic.

Meaning is about significance, value, and purpose. Living is all about giving and having meaning. Meaning is fundamental: life changes, when meaning changes.

Mind is our link to the world. It is a system that has three basic functions: to collect information, to create and to connect us to the world.

Miracle is something that exceeds our expectations and cannot be explained. There are three ways to experience a miracle: to see one, to do one or to be one.

Mystery is something unknown.

The new physics are the quantum and relativity theories, which transformed our basic assumptions of what the world is.

Necessity is an assumption that something cannot be otherwise.

Old brain, new brain refers to evolution of our brain. The emotional centre is in the old part and the intellect is in the new part.

Priority is what we think is important in life.

Psychological time is a concept created by the ego: we can think the past and the future, but they both are thoughts in my mind.

Separation is born out of a belief that a thing or phenomenon is independent, not dependent on its environment.

Tactical optimism means that you believe that something can be done and are therefore open to do it rather than believe that it is impossible and therefore do not even try to do it.

Thinking is a process in the brain. It reacts to impulses like a conditioned reflex, creates thoughts, feelings, images and concepts. Thinking separates people and that might be the root cause of our problems.

Thought sense (proprioception of thought) helps us to recognize and correct "wrong" thoughts in the same way as proprioception helps us to recognize and correct body movements.

Three seconds pipeline is a mechanism in our body. It takes about three seconds for an impulse to travel in our body before we react to it.

Truth is something that is exactly the same for everyone. It is not an opinion or a view.

World 1 includes everything that actually happens. It is whole and one.

World 2 is what we think happens. It is based on assumptions, concepts, imagination, sensations, beliefs, meaning we give to everything.

Worldview is based on assumptions of what the world is and how it works.