10. Living right now

Sensing the world directly is bliss. To make the world whole and one may be our last chance to solve the global problems. They are both collective and personal. They are not ecological or economical, they are egological.

Correcting the systems errors in our thinking means that we realize that we share one world. We are different, but not separate. We have one mind. When the self is not, we are that mind.

We emphasize our individual differences too much and do not see the connecting link between us. We are dependent on each other. Seeing this changes your mind and heartbeat.

Our second error is the concept of time as a means of inner change. There is no time involved in seeing the world or yourself as they factually are. The past is a memory and the future is a dream. They are only thoughts. The world is more than we can ever think.

Realizing this transforms our thinking and behavior. This insight frees the brain and connects us with the world.

With a tenth sense we are directly aware how thinking distorts our seeing. Thinking is a conditioned reflex based upon our past. When we are aware, thinking finds its proper place. It is used only when it is needed.

Winning the five fights

To win the five fights going on in our minds, we must update our mind: see the inner and outer movement as one.

The fight between intellect and emotions means that we say one thing and do something else. When this contradiction ends, we do not deceive ourselves or others. We are honest and refuse to think or say something that is not true and right.

When the fight between the self and your self-image ends, you watch yourself without judgement or condemnation. You are what you are! It does not mean that you accept yourself as you are. It means that you are ready to shift immediately when something is not right!

The third fight between you and other people goes on as long as your life is built on opinions. Living without personal convictions means that facts are your main guide.

The fourth fight against nature and animals ends when the self is one with the world. Then killing animals for fun or food means killing part of yourself.

The last fight ends without you noticing it. When thinking has stopped there is no ego mechanism working, we do not experience the universe in a totally different way.

A separate self can never end these fights. It is conditioned to live in time.

To solve the world crisis our ego-system must change. It calls for a radical change in the process of our thinking. If we are ready to question the self-centred worldview, we change the human system that prevents us from seeing and being the world.

The world will change when we realize that thinking is the root cause of all conflict, egotism, fanatism, terrorism, corruption, violence, and panic reactions.

Living right means that we are directly aware of what happens. That means much more than being present. In presence, there is someone who is present. In direct perception, there is only awareness, not a self, not other people, no things, no objects or concepts.

Being whole and one ends the five fights and the separation. There is no self and the world. Living right means seeing and being the world.

Start from where you are

The best way is to start from where you are. Look at the world around you and your assumptions. What is true and what is not?

See that you are part of the system that does not end in your own mind nor in the groups you feel you belong to. Cross the limits of your consciousness, feel the pulse of the universe and sense the cosmic order.

You feel that there is no time.
Everything is in its right place.

All is one endless movement: whole and one.