Right now is all there is


The world works all right,
but we human beings don't.
We seem to create more problems than we manage to solve.

We do not see the world right.
Mind creates all our problems,
but it could also solve them acting right.

There is an error in our mindset.
It is set up to produce things we don't want.
Nobody wants misery and anguish,
yet that is what we produce.

We could solve most of our problems.
We have to see ourselves as we truly are
and do what works.

Living right starts from seeing right.

Life is a miracle.
If you don't see it so,
you are not seeing it right. 

If you don't see miracles,
the fault is not in the world,
it is in the mind.

We live in the world of miracles,
but our ego prevents us from seeing them.

When you see the world as it is,
and do the right things,
you see and do miracles.

There are three ways to encounter a miracle:

1. Seeing on.

2. Doing one.

3. Being one.

When the ego takes over,
we lose the connection to the miracle.
We don't see things right.

We live in two worlds: true and false.
True is what actually happens.
False is what we imagine or interpret.

Direct perception is seeing the world without ego.
The ego is an image based on flimsy information
and ambiguous experiences, wishes, and beliefs.

Mind creates its own mental world
where true and false are mixed.

This situation can be fixed.

1. Change false assumptions.
Egoism must be uprooted.

2. Tune into the miracle frequency.

Why don't we let the ego go and live fully?
We don't see our mind right.

The key function of our mind is to connect us with the world,
not separate from it.

We are the world,
and the world is the home of miracles.

If you want to change the world,
start from your own mind.

Mind operates on two levels:
In time, in the material world
and right now, beyond the known.

Ego lives in self-made images.
Direct seeing frees the mind from the self-deception of the ego.

When you see yourself as you factually are,
you are ready to act.

Life is acting with a purpose.
The purpose of life is to see and do miracles.

Life is not about ego-building,
it is about doing something for others.

Everything good in the world is made for others.

Everything good in the world is made together.

Life does not happen in time,
it happens in the mind.

Life is on the go -
never still.

Living right now is the best way to live.
It means living in the midst of miracles.

Life is a live broadcast.

Right now everything is right.  


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