Living right now


Life is what happens to all of us. Not a dream, not a memory, but what actually is taking place in our mind and outside.

For me, life changed at 24. I realized that I and the world are not two separate things. Life is not what happens to me but outside my view. We all live in two worlds: world one is actual and world two we made up. It is what we think the world is.

Most people live in their heads. We remember and dream of things, we enjoy, hate, are afraid, feel disgusted. That is human and that is how we live.

But there is another way to live. It starts with seeing the world as it is. It is more than we can ever think, imagine, or describe.

If we start from the fact that we don't see the world as it is, our mind undergoes a change. It is not sure of everything, it is in the state of learning, endlessly. That is a happy state of being. To me, it is also the right way to live.

Over 50 years of my life I have felt that life is actually something we can not fully understand and we don't even have to. To live is enough.

So, seeing the world right, as it is, is the first step. The second step is doing right. It follows naturally: doing comes from seeing. 

All doing is to others and with others, not only other people, but also with animals, trees, plants, and nature. 

The world is appallingly egocentric. Our action is based on me, myself and I. That leads to conflict and sorrow. To change that we must change the incorrect assumptions we have about the world, other people, and ourselves. 

Our mind is programmed to think that there is a separate self we have to fight for. That causes incoherent action. To change that we must adopt a new worldview based on fundamentally new assumptions of what the world is.

 My new book RIGHT NOW - Living in What Is invites you to a journey behind words and presents an update to our present egocentric worldview that has led us to chaos

Together we can change the world. Living right now is the key.