Summary: 101 Insights

Let's make the world whole!

1. The way we think is the root of the world mess.

2. Thinking prevents us from being whole.

3. We live in two worlds: what happens and what we think.

4. The universe is one unbroken movement.

5. We have the tools to make the world whole.

6. We need a new mental map.

7. The self makes our world a mess.

8. The solution is being whole and one.

9. Solving the world crisis must be our first priority.

10. We need a mutation in the human psyche.

PART 1 WHOLE: Seeing the world

1. What comes in, when you come in?

11. When I enter a room, it is my identity that enters.

12. Our life strategy is to find a meaning.

13. The identity is a trap set by thoughts.

14. Our ego-system is built on false assumptions.

15. We assume we know more than we know.

16. Everything is enfolded in everything.

17. The universe is beyond matter and senses.

18. The observer is the observed.

19. There is a world where egos cannot enter.

20. There is always more to know.

2. Bohmian Rhapsody

21. Reason and logic cannot explain the universe.

22. The new physics is against common sense.

23. The act of observation changes the thing observed.

24. Consciousness and matter are alike.

25. There is no reason to divide the world into parts.

26. Living situation reveals the true nature of things.

27. Our reality is a perception.

28. Assumptions affect what we see.

29. We create our inner world.

30. Our assumptions are fundamentally unsustainable.

3. No escape from reality

31. Everything is internally connected to everything.

32. The whole is never still, never the same.

33. The movement is essential.

34. The source of the show is beyond our grasp.

35. We don't invent our worldview, we adopt it.

36. "Empty" space is full of energy and information.

37. The space between people connects us.

38. We are creating the world.

39. If we find the why, we may find a way.

40. We are the problem - and the solution.

4. One mind only

41. Our society is a product of our mind.

42. Mind fails in its basic functions.

43. Thoughts and feelings limit the mind.

44. Thinking makes our mind go out of tune.

45. The 'me' is our common mistake.

46. The mental order is implicate.

47. We live on three levels: individual, collective and cosmic.

48. Mind is a system of relationships.

49. Our minds are different but not separate.

50. A healthy mind is in balance.

5. Thinking makes us so

51. Thinking is a conditioned reflex.

52. Thoughts are collective.

53. Limitations produce conflicts.

54. We are driven by fragments.

55. Thoughts make the self.

56. Most feelings are 'felts'.

57. Anything positive is implicitly negative.

58. We are not bad on purpose.

59. Necessity is our primal mover.

60. The self lives to leave a mark in the world.

Part 2: ONE Being the world

6. We need a thought sense

61. If you see the world as it is, you are the world.

62. Thinking cannot connect us with the cosmic.

63. Direct perception changes the brain.

64. Love will lift us up.

65. Ego lives in opposites.

66. Following the facts changes them.

67. A thought sense corrects mistakes before we make them.

68. Our actions come from a program.

69. Self lives blind in its world.

70. The world changes when meaning changes.

7. Wanted: A new Agenda

71. A new approach to living is urgently needed.

72. Implicit values cause the global mess.

73. The notion of identity is not coherent.

74. The ground of our self is unknown.

75. Technology cannot heal our psyche.

76. Adopt tactical optimism in impossible problems.

77. We defend our false thoughts at any costs.

78. A good culture is free of illusion.

79. We can connect to the cosmic dimension of life.

80. Meaning is a feeling. We sense it - or we don't.

8. Being awake - now or never!

81. Experience of time is subjective and surreal.

82. Memory twists our history.

83. Inward goal are built on egotistic centre.

84. Living is in the now.

85. Insight is immediate.

86. A flash of insight makes the brain quiet.

87. Our bruised brain cannot find order.

88. In words we trust - and get lost.

89. Wanting postpones having.

90. We are awake now or never.

9. The world beyond

91. The world covers more than we can see.

92. Beauty is in facts.

93. Sensitivity and clarity reveal the hidden.

94. To reach the ground thinking must end.

95. Why we want more than we need?

96. To awaken intelligence, thinking must stop.

97. Listening beyond thoughts make a way to a new society.

98. The purpose of work is to do miracles.

99. You don't have to like our life, but you can love it.

100. We can meet one million miracles by seeing, doing and being.

10. Living right now

101. Living right means being directly aware what happens.