6. We Can Do More

Doing miracles may sound like a win in a lottery, reserved for the few, almost impossible for us mortals.

That's nonsense. Anyone can do miracles. It's a pity this ability is so scarcely used.

There is the potential for miracles in everything we do. Miracles happen when we really get into the act and do it.

Mind research has undeniably shown that the joy of doing is the greatest when we do something challenging enough. Too easy a task numbs the mind and dulls our enthusiasm to the point where we don't give our best. A task too difficult, on the other hand, scares and distresses us. In the face of it, we freeze.

The best results come when we have to stretch a little to get things done. We talk about 'good stress'. Personally, I prefer to use the word 'charge', referring to the energy we must have in performing. That is needed in everything we do.

When charged, one feels capable of doing almost anything. Then our focus is on the essentials. We want to do the very best, not in the hope of praise, but for the joy of doing and from our own will. Doing this makes us feel good.

We are negatively charged when we must do something out of necessity or feel that it is completely pointless. There are many tasks that fall under this category. Doing anything is harder if we hate doing it.

Everything Has a Purpose

Before taking on a task, find out its purpose. Purpose is more than just an answer to the question, what is to be accomplished and why. It's the driving force that gets us going.

This is important to ask especially when you are doing something mundane and boring. My starting point is that everything has a purpose and it is there all the time, either obvious or hidden in the recesses of our mind.

Some people make to-do lists. They reveal that we have different types of tasks. Some of them we are happy to do, others we would rather not do or let others take care of. And of course, some tasks can be left undone without anyone suffering.

There's no point stressing about tasks that absolutely must be done. Postponing them will only make things worse. We carry undone work in our mind, and like all burdens, they are exhausting.

Miracles happen when we get to do what we love to do. This is a universal law that applies to all people.

There is genuine joy in getting a difficult task done on our own or with a little help from our friends. From this comes a virtuous circle - and miracles start to happen.

A Reason to Get Up

It is easy to find ways to improve our life. Yet, if we look for easy living, we will be disappointed. Life is not a jukebox, where we get only nice songs. We are to take what we are offered.

Life is about doing something with a purpose.

Miracles start to happen when we connect with what we feel and do. We don't need an ego for that.

The ego is necessary when we have to remember, repeat, know, and speak, but in connecting to life, ego is only an obstacle or a speed bump to slow us down.

If we want to do the right thing, we must not let our ego run free. It has a role in perception, memory, and expression, but it is an obstacle in establishing direct contact with the world.

Ego looks for gain and pleasure. It wants to feel good and avoid feeling bad. It cannot succeed in this.

Life can be bold, not always beautiful. It is full of boring routines and ugly people. The very best jobs are for the few. The majority of us have to work hard to make a living.

Joy in life is sought ­- not always found - ­in leisure time. We try to recharge our energy at home or with friends. Year after year, the mirror shows a more tired, bored, and self-absorbed individual, for whom talking about miracles seems rather grotesque.

This person is underperforming, using only a small part of their abilities. For this, there are two reasons, both of them in the realm of the mind.

To find them, we must move on to the next thesis.