2. Face the Facts

There are a lot of things going on in the world that nobody wants to happen.

There is an obvious reason for all man-made evil.
It's in the settings of our minds.
There is an error in them.

The unfortunate mistake was revealed more than one hundred years ago by accident. Only now are we beginning to realize what kind of havoc it causes in the world. The roots of every war, mess, quarrel, or rage start from the way our mind experiences the world. The mind does not just observe, it also creates the world.

These are the themes I've been thinking about for a long time: what is life, what is the role of a human being in this play, and why is the world like this? My answers took a new twist with Corona and the war in Ukraine. The human crisis is crying out for a solution, but it is not enough to look for easy tricks for the pains of the individual. We must take a deep dive into the roots of all this.

In this book, I am looking for an alternative to the present disastrous worldview dominated by an egocentric outlook. We are heading towards the gorge now; we must urgently change the course.

I hope that reading opens the gate to your own reality in a new and fresh way, and you see everything more brightly, deeper, more precisely.

What's Wrong with the Mind?

If all the energy used to boost the ego was focused on creating a connection between people, we would quickly find a solution to all human problems rampant in the world.

No one can eliminate violence, fear, oppression, poverty, or corruption alone, let alone save nature, but if we act decisively together, we might be able to solve the world's problems. Their root cause is closer than we think: the way our mind lives in its self-created and self-centred world.

Egoism is the most pervasive idea of our time and it must be uprooted. This is perhaps our most important task, but it is also our hope. We must change the settings of our minds so that we experience life as a miracle and not as a series of achievements.

Life is bigger than words and it can be reached by being silent, watching and listening without words, letting life speak, to tell its story directly and unfiltered.

In seeing the world correctly, a person slides into a state where there is no ego. The ego gives way to something greater than itself. Then one feels at one with everything. Life unfolds through its own power and does what it wants.

All the good in life comes from connecting with the world directly, without intermediaries and distortions. Words are still needed when you have to accomplish something, arrive at the right time, or describe something to someone else, but even the most exact description of food does not take away hunger.

Life cannot be described without shrinking it. By refreshing our minds, we create a direct connection to the facts, to the wonders of life. This requires that we recognize the settings of our mind and are ready to change them if necessary.

The concept of mind is a tricky one. It's hard to get a grip on it, but let's try.