The world works all right,
but we humans don't.

We create more problems than we solve. This is because we don't see ourselves correctly. Most of our problems are due to the fact that we don't see the world as it actually is.

Our minds create many of the problems we face but it could also solve them - when we do the right thing.

There is an error in our mindset. It is set up to produce things that we don't want. Nobody wants misery and anguish, pollution and wars, but that is what we produce.

We can solve our problems but there. are two conditions. We have to see ourselves as we are and do what works. Simple as that.

Currently, we look at the world from the small 'ego hole' and that makes us act stupidly.

Our assumptions about the world are wrong. This has been known for over a hundred years in physics, but we still haven't fully understood the direct connection between our problems and our assumptions.

Because of these incorrect assumptions, we as individuals, as well as collectively, make minor and major mistakes. After noticing a mistake, we try to fix it, but often with little success and way too late.

It would be much smarter to act all the time as the situation demands. The smartest thing would be, not to make mistakes at all. For that, our mind must be sensitive, alert, and straight.

Is Seeing and Doing Right Possible?

In this book, I ask whether it is possible to see and act correctly. My honest answer is: maybe

Let's start from the premise that it is possible, this being on the condition that we more closely understand the mechanism of our minds, that we seek to develop, tune and recognize it, in order that it might work in the right manner.

The mind is our link to the world. Presently, it is dominated by fragmentary thinking. This is a mistake. Our interpretations of reality are based on concepts that have no counterpart in reality. We invent them and abuse them.

There is only one world, our common home. We share the world, but we seem to forget that. The feeling of being separate is a persistent concept created by our thinking. We are the world, but we don't realize this, because we think that reality is made up of parts.

If we saw the world as it actually is, we would realize that our own perception is a creation of our conditioned mind. We see the whole wide world through our little ego and the resulting image is merely a reflection.

The ego does not realize this. It considers its self-created image to be the truth and acts accordingly. Ego acts like a terrorist, who believe they have the right to act as they feel to be right. It doesn't understand what it is doing. It knows how to justify its stupidest actions, and does not realize that it is deceiving itself.

Difficulties start when egos meet. The ego imagines that it is right even when it is not, and this game ends up in a horrible mess.

Seeing the world correctly begins from seeing ourselves correctly. Easier said than done. This would require changing the way the mind works.

The good news is that we don't have to do anything to change our minds. The mind changes automatically when it connects with the world. Then we see ourselves properly, as an integral part of the universal energy flow.

When we see the world as it is, our lives change profoundly. That is what this book is all about. I'm not trying to change anyone's conviction. I'm simply presenting my point of view, which might be wrong, even though I don't think so. This being said, I personally want to see and live as correctly as possible, simply because I feel that is the best way to live. 

The Purpose of Living

Living right means seeing the world as it actually is. It can be - and often is - very different from the picture we have in our minds.

I'll go one step further. I start from the assumption that the purpose of life is to see and do miracles. If you don't see miracles, the fault is not in the world, it is in the mind, which is not working properly. If you don't perform miracles, you don't use your whole potential.

I feel that we live in a world of miracles, but it is easy not to notice them. Our ego prevents it. It explains everything without realizing that its interpretation might not be true or even half-true.

We all have the full right to define the meaning of life in our own words and to live in our own way. Discord starts when we try to unite different beliefs and work together.

The ego can work properly, and it can also be overridden. Once you see its tricks, you don't want to let it run on its own. When your ego is under control, life is straight. That's when we are able to unleash our true potential and miracles start to happen. This state of mind is worth striving for.

This book has three parts. The theme of the first part is seeing the world as it is, seeing it right. The second part is about doing the right thing. To live a life fully we need both. To me, these are not too separate things, seeing right leads to doing right.

In the third part, I present my observations about the play of life; mind, thinking, and ego. I have grouped them into themes, which I present alphabetically, starting from action and ending in world view.

A Journey Beyond Words

The text challenges familiar ways of thinking. That's why I recommend slow reading. Let the words gently float in your mind. Do not immediately take a position for or against the ideas. Your ego may feel threatened and become defensive. Take your time and listen to what the words propose. Ultimately, let life show you what is true and what is not. It is possible if the mind is open.

The purpose of these words is to revive your mind, not to shut down your thinking. I hope that while reading the book, you become connected to the miracle of life, and feel its magnificent and magical uplift in your body.

I welcome you on a journey where you may have to update your assumptions and navigate a pathless land where egos have no place or role. On this journey, we do not travel anywhere, we stop and see miracles happening.

The words in this book are keys to a door behind which miracles lie. To see them, you must look behind and beyond the words. Words are just letters. What matters is how you think about them, and what meaning you give them.

Life is going on, moving. The world is not a jukebox from which you get what you want. When you open your mind to miracles, you begin to see and do them.