Doing right is an intrinsic value,
because as a result of it,
life is good and meaningful for everyone,
 not just for you and me, but also for animals, nature and all people.

6. We Can Do More

Potential for Miracles. Charged. Everything Has a Purpose. A Reason to Get Up. 

7. Doing for Others

Needs and Purpose. Redefinition of Goals. Seven Reasons to Work.

8. Working Together

All Heads Up! Two Kinds of Groups. The Very Best Work Differently. Don't be Afraid of Fear.

9. Raise to Rise

Freedom and Order. How am I? Energy Flows. Elevating Power. Lifting Others We Lift Ourself.

10. Life is Going On

Facts or Belief? When You Fall, Get Up Quickly. Unfinished Business. Time is an Assumption. Everything is in Order. Seeing Right is Doing Right.