3. Tune the Mind

To fix the bug in our mental software, the mindset needs to be switched to online mode.

The patterns dominating our minds now shrink our world. There is so much we miss out. Many years ago, I decided to stop building my life around the desires of my ego. The world didn't change much, but I did.

My focus shifted from the inside out. Life opened up in a totally new way. And one word became utterly important to me: now. That is where all living is.

Yet, one part of our mind lives in time, making a recording of our lives for its own use, rewinding it back and forth. It remembers and plans. Memories shape and guide us, making us what we think we are.

They are two sides of the same mind, not two separate entities.

Three Functions and Failures

The mind has three basic functions: it gathers information about the world, it creates reality and it connects us with the world.

Unfortunately, it fails in all three. The mind gathers information selectively and uses it on the ego's terms. Therefore, it literally creates an arbitrary reality.

In its third task, the mind fails when it does not live in direct contact with reality, but works on concepts only.

No worries, there is a simple solution to this. You can get the mind to work correctly by updating the software that runs it. It means checking (and changing) the assumptions of our mindset.

The error can be corrected as soon as it has been properly identified. The ego cannot do this. It has built itself a prison but does not realise that. It looks for causes and culprits outside itself, in others, and in circumstances.

They are not to be found there. Internal and external are one and the same process, it must be viewed as a whole. For the ego, it is an overwhelming task, because it is conditioned to live in time and concepts. It simply does not know how to live in the here and now, directly.

Tuning into the Miracle Frequency

In seeking a solution to problems of its own making, the ego does not see its role correctly. It cannot or does not want to take responsibility, but tries to avoid it.

Direct perception reveals the whole pattern and leads to action. When we find ourselves going in the wrong direction, we stop and navigate again.

The mind does stop when the crisis is so bad that we cannot escape it. Facing the facts is the first step. When a crisis hits us, we have to act instantly.

This awakening does not happen in time. It's now or never. As it is realised, a mutation takes place in the mind. Our way of seeing and acting changes profoundly. The mind stops living in its own hole and connects to the world.

Living directly is possible if you check your own assumptions and correct those that do not produce the desired result. This is something we are not very eager to do because we don't see the connections between our mind and the results we get.

There are many ways to test the settings of your mind and see what is true and right. Right is what produces a good life. That is a bit hard to define, but you can recognize it and feel it in your skin.

For me, a good life means tuning into the frequency of miracles. In that dimension, the mind acts correctly and corrects itself quickly.