10. Life Is On

Most people have a distorted view of miracles. The two extremes of beliefs are that we don't believe in them, or believe blindly.

At first, I did not like the concept of miracles. That was before I defined them as things or events that we don't understand or can't explain. That's basically what life is all about, miraculous.

Most people feel that there are no miracles. Personally, I treat them in the same way as Greta Thunberg treats those who do not believe in climate change. I feel no urge to convince them of anything. I let them keep their views, talking to them is a waste of my time.

For me, life is not a matter of belief. We don't have to believe in facts. They happen. Period.

When I meet strangers, I know very little about them. I don't hear their thoughts, nor do I know their traumas. If I don't see them as a miracle, I'm not looking deep enough.

When You Fall, Get Up Quickly

When we set out to do something, we cannot know what will come out. There are difficult points, dead ends, and moments of despair in life.

Finnish figure skater Kiira Korpi wisely stated that when she falls in a competition, she must get up quickly and continue to the end as if she hadn't fallen. If she does not do so, she makes another mistake.

We are not meant to be perfect, or flawless. Furthermore, we don't have to try alone.

We have to engage with life and see that in every encounter and task, there is a possibility for a miracle to happen. When something good and deep takes over, we feel elevated.

Life surprises us both positively and negatively. Often things turn out much better than we could even imagine. However, the ego and the brain are looking for certainty. We want to know and be safe, even though we know there is no safety in the world. Anything can happen.

We may have goals and dreams in life, but we must not let them hijack our minds completely. A mind built on one view narrows down and shrinks. It no longer sees miracles.

And our lives remain unfinished until the very end.

Everything in Order

Life is actual. It is on the move, never still. We cannot stop it.

Our thoughts move in time; we can remember the past and imagine the future. The movement in time is only an assumption. The process itself is not in time, it happens in the mind now.

Seeing this the mind undergoes a change. The ego is no longer the star of the show. It is not in the lead. It serves us if we must move in time; remember, know, plan, or dream.

When the ego finds its right place and is satisfied with its role as a servant, life becomes straight and simple in an instant. We lose the sense of time moving. Then seeing is doing.

Then we correct mistakes immediately, not tomorrow. Seeing right is doing right.

The circle closes. When we feel that we are part of the miracle of life, the ego stops looking for itself or its own happiness. It is not separate from the world, but one with it.

Then everything is in its right place. Everything is right. The now is all there is. There is no separation, you and I share the world. Then we are the world.

Everything is in order, and right now everything is right.