Really valuable things have no price tag.
If we truly value or deeply love something,
we won't bargain with it.


Each of us is involved in processes
where value is created or exported, given, or taken away.


Life without values is worthless.

Values are not words.
They are actions.

Values are choices.
Actions and the feelings attached to them
reveal what a person really values.

No one can live by the values of others.
Nor should we.

What we value, we want to do.
What we love, we do with joy.


A good reason to be a vegetarian
is to prefer animals alive.


There are different versions of truth,
none of them the truth.

In the workplace, many things are talked about in two ways: one in front and something else behind the back. In a one-to-one conversation, we hear a completely different version of things than in a meeting.


Undue force is violence.

Violence is the most abhorrent form of using power.

Violence is misuse of power.


Have you ever heard a vision so inspiring that you burn with the will to act? Neither have I.