What would you do
if you could do whatever you want?

Many human problems arise from
wanting more than is needed.

When we don't know what we want,
we often get something we don't want.


There is a straight connection between thinking and warfare.


Life can be wasted, but not saved.

Oh, what a waste there is
when people are not encouraged to use their talents.


Many of our problems are self-inflicted
and disappear when you replace
the word "I" with the word "we".

People who get along well with each other can be identified by the fact
that they like to speak in the we-form.


It's not a crime to be rich. Many people have become extremely rich by being good at what they do or by doing good to others. We could perhaps condemn wealth if prosperity were a zero-sum game, where one person's money causes poverty for another. This is often not the case. A healthy society rewards those who create mental and material well-being, make the cake, and bear responsibility.


It's just stupid to let the weather regulate our moods.

I usually don't let the weather affect my mind.
Today is so beautiful that I make an exception.

What Is

The best is what we have
because there is nothing else.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts
in the same way that a word is more than its letters.

The whole does not consist of pieces,
and we cannot understand the whole by analysing the parts.


Whatever a person wants to do, he finds time for it.

We must dare to set new goals for what we do and fiercely challenge poorly performing practices. We need to encode a will to succeed as a will that aims for success as one.

If we want, we do.
If we don't want, we find excuses.
Both ways work: first for us,
the other against us.

If people don't want to learn, they won't learn.
If they want to learn, nothing can stop them.


It is not wise to take a job that we cannot cope with.

More than power, we need wisdom.

Wisdom is not acting on stupid ideas
- neither other people's or your own.

Long live that little difference between spoken words
and the wisdom of the silent heart.

When cause and effect are far apart, wisdom is needed to understand the connection.

Good behaviour is culture,
sincerity is wisdom.

Wisdom that is too often repeated is a platitude.


A wise choice: mind open, mouth closed,
not vice versa.

Wise is one who knows how to ask, listen and look at himself and others in complete peace, not explain, but understanding that there is always more to everything than we can understand.

In a tough situation, imagine a virtual conversation with a wise person. It's funny how good advice we can get this way.


One man's wish is another man's nightmare.


Words are a prison cell in which a person locks himself.

Words have the meaning we give them.

Words are mere shells, real messages are conveyed in smiles, touches and tones of voice. Silent emotional dialogue is the foundation on which all encounters are built.

In the same way that the word 'food' does not nourish, beautiful words are letters without content.

Words are a link or a wall, depending on how we use them.

The emotional reaction to words is terribly real and takes us - sometimes into the woods.

The more fear there is in the organization, the more the words and actions in front of the boss's nose and behind his back differ from each other.


The work of hundreds of people is necessary for every bite we enjoy and any service we receive.

Burn the books that advice you to hate your work. Be an adult professional and do what is right.

Work has the power to elevate or destroy us.

Work needs rethinking.
We must be passionate about work, love it - for our own sake.
It is waste of life to do something we don't like.

Work is not a disease that we need to get cured of. It is a tree that bears fruit.

Work is a condition for a wonderful life. Without work, essential good things would not be done.

A new ethos of work is needed.
It is not about money,
but about a purpose that unites people.

Work should feel more like living
and less like earning a livelihood.

The value of work is clear when it is missing from our life.

Money is only one of the seven reasons to work.
The relationship with our own work will be revived as soon as we realize the other six reasons.

For too many people, work is a straitjacket that they have to put on five times a week. Millions of people walk into their workplaces with heavy hearts. They feel that they have to work out of necessity, not that they have the privilege to work helping other people.

There is nothing mysterious about work.
It is doing something good for another person.

If a person does not love his work,
the work shrinks or even destroys him.

Work and life are one package.
If we want a good life, we need to review our relationship with work.

A smart person never forgets
why she or he was hired.

Work Friends

It is important to rebuild your relationships with your co-workers, and check that they are not stamped with inappropriate labels. There are always at least three sides to people, and too often we place undue emphasis on one of them.

You don't have to like all your work friends, but an adult must be able to cooperate with a variety of people. It would be appropriate to agree together that no one will talk crap about any of their work friends behind their backs. Antipathies and disagreements between group members should always be dealt with in private, and preferably before people hate each other.


We can't convince anyone of something they don't want to be convinced of. Everyone decides their own attitude to work and life. What we think of work, "leaks" into the rest of life. If we have bad feelings at work, we can't help spreading them to the people we live with and love. This cycle can be broken by updating our relationship with our work.


Work is something we do for others.
What could be wrong with working with passion? It is one part of love for life.

By working, we help to create a world where people can get things they need or want.


Nobody owns the world.
We share it.

Looking at the world,
we certainly don't see a paradise.

We need a world view,
but it is only a view, not the world.

The state of the world will not improve if the brain corrects the wrong points, not the causes but the consequences. Our time and energy is spent correcting the mistakes we have made and are making all the time.

World Problems

No one can solve the world's problems alone. Poverty, environmental destruction, and violence are the result of all our actions and affect us all. None of them can be solved by thinking in one's own way. A deep focus on the causes is urgently needed.

World View

We pay a heavy price for a world view
that encourages us to seek our own happiness
and fulfilment at the expense of others.

No one invents their world view.
We assemble it from ingredients, usually without a resipe.
It gets absorbed into us.