We can learn a lot by listening to those who disagree with us.
If everyone thinks the same, no one thinks enough.

If we are seriously trying to understand ourselves and life,
we have to step out of our heads and face the harsh and beautiful world.

Understanding starts from the desire to understand.

Too many people find nothing wrong
with their own understanding.

People often argue about what they don't understand.

It is easier to judge than to understand.
When we understand, we don't judge.

Words cannot hide the lack of understanding.

Understanding Self

Understanding ourselves is a full-time job,
and sometimes we must work overtime.


A big reason for being unhappy is
that we humans have a distorted idea
of what life should be like.


Nothing is one way.

No one can be the best at everything,
yet every one is unique in their own league.


There is always sooooo much that nobody knows.


Only a free mind is able to enter the limitless world.


Too many people go to work in summer and winter with the same attitude. Computer programs are updated more often than thoughts.


Our minds are full of useless things.

Doing useless things is frustrating.