The essential thing is not to get what we want,
but to be able to take what comes our way.


In difficulties, we see what we really believe in.


Thanks often come back to the giver.

Even if you never hear words of thanks,
it doesn't mean that you or your work is not appreciated.
No one can know what is being said about her or him.

You can always imagine the appreciation
you know you deserve.


It is important what you think,
but more important is what your thinking produces in the world.

The world changes when thinking changes.

Freedom of thought means
responsibility for the quality of thought.

Thought is a weapon,
evil in the hands of evil people.

Third Ear

With two ears, we only hear sounds.
We need a third ear for deep hearing.


If one has seen even a small glimpse of the truth
and tries to resist or run away from it,
it seems like poison or a thorn in the flesh.

Thought Sense

Thought seems not to be aware of its own movement.
If we had some kind of "thought sense",
thoughts would detect their movements
and correct them automatically,
in the same way that our body corrects
its position so that we do not fall over.


There is nothing genuine in our thoughts.
They come from others.
We have collected them over thousands of yesterdays,
chosen the ones we liked and rejected most of them.

Of two opposing ideas, both can be correct.

We think we create thoughts,
but it is more accurate to say that thoughts create us.

Thoughts have a prefix. Crappy thoughts produce crappy reality and great thoughts produce great things.

We are blind to our hidden thoughts.

We are burdened by thoughts
we don't want to think about
and the tasks we don't want to do.

Thought does not reflect anything completely,
because all its reflections are only images.

Three Layers

Life has three layers: the individual, the collective, and the cosmos.
The mind moves on all three floors, but many people live on only one or two.
We live inside our heads, recognise the collective level, but have lost touch with the cosmic.

Three Minds

It is said that man has three minds.
One remembers the past,
another thinks about the future,
the third lives in the here and now.
Which one do you want to use your brain for?


Time is not the measure of life.
Life is infinite, it has no measure.

There is plenty of time to live,
and a little is left over for just being.

Time is just an idea that we need
when the present moment is not enough.

All time culminates in the now.

Time creates more problems than it solves.

Don't waste other people's time - nor your own.

Time is NOT money.

We need time to become what we want to be.
Yet, all the time we are who we are.

Years don't pass,
they rather fill us.


Thought has wrapped the brain in time.
When we realize this, the division between the universe and the mind disappears. Then the mind is in order. It enters a timeless world, where thoughts have no place because they can only live in time. At that point we are able to transcend the limits of consciousness and feel the cosmic order, feel the timeless pulse of the universe in our body.


When you're short on time, take a timeout.
Sit for a minute and do nothing.
Then you know what to do.


Together we created ecological and economic disasters.
Together we must solve them.

When we want to accomplish something really GREAT together, we have to get everyone involved. This is not achieved by blaming or accusing the underdogs, but by giving them good reasons to get fired up.

A society built on conflict makes us monsters to each other. Competition, picking on the weak, greed, arrogance, discrimination, aggression, and violence are terrible basis for good cooperation.


Tomorrow is not a repeat of yesterday,
almost anything can be different.

Too Much and Too Little

We are led too much and submit too easily.

We think too much, and rely too little on facts.

We complain too much and care too little.

People are told too much, and too little listened to.

We reflect too little together
and too easily blame others for our own bad feeling.

Too much is calculated,
and too little is done just for the joy of doing.


Walking with hesitation is
the wise man's way of moving forward.


People are nice if we treat them nicely.


The greatness of a person can be seen
in the way he treats strangers.

It's great when a person behaves well for no reason:
looks us in the eyes and smiles,
laughs out loud out of sheer joy,
helps out of the goodness of her heart.

Treat yourself in such a way
that you are in good company all the time.


Refuse to think or say anything that is not true and right.

When we hear something we know to be true,
it affects us instantly.


Better to trust than to give up:
when one door closes, another door opens.


Truth is our security.

The danger for humans is that each person's own truth undermines what is really true. We think our truth is the whole truth. Sooner or later, the castles of illusion will collapse.

Seeing the truth dispels the fog in the brain.

The truth is the same for everyone, but interpretations vary.

If you are sure of your own truth, no amount of persuasion will change your mind.

Truth is not in words; it is when we see something actual.
To see it, one must be free of imagination.

Being true is a wonderful way to experience life.

If you can't stand the truth, you end up living in lies.

Acknowledging the facts frees the mind from the spiral of lies.
We can escape the truth, but we can never hide from it.


A person does not know what he is capable of until he tries.

The main reason for failure is not
that we don't know how to do something,
it is that we don't even try to do it.

We don't actually try to do something,
we either do or we don't.


If we can get through Tuesday,
we can get through the whole week!


A community can get sick because of one twisted prick.


Every day we are a little closer to the moment
when the power of violent autocrats comes to an end
because people no longer submit to their will.

Tyrants want to turn off people's brains.

People's fears and stupidity keep tyrants in power.

Every tyrant sooner or later makes one or more fatal mistakes
 and will see that power is always temporary.