We don't see what we don't even look at.
We don't experience what we don't try.
We don't do what we don't dare.

Open Mind

An open mind chooses the right path.

The only way to encounter miracles is to have an open mind.

It's better to keep our mouth shut
and mind open than vice versa.

When the mind is open, the light comes in.


The air is thick with certain opinions about what should be done and what should not. Unfortunately, these opinions do not coincide, because they are only imaginary.


We can't blame life for the lack of opportunities. Every day we are presented with thousands of opportunities to elevate others, but too many walk on by. We often neglect the opportunities to ignite happiness.


Optimism is as realistic as pessimism but smarter.


We must leave room for options in our minds. If we cling to what we know, we may never know the good things we're missing.

If plan A doesn't work, try plan B. Fortunately, there are 26 letters in the alphabet. If nothing works, stay with the letter W. Wondering takes towards a solution.

Options don't walk or fly toward us, we have to go and get them.

Companies have two options: to charm the customer or close the business.

Option is a great word:
if something doesn't work, we have to opt for it.

There are as many options as there is imagination.


The cosmos is in order, our consciousness is not.
A brain conditioned to conflict cannot find order in itself, or in the world.

The world won't improve if we don't get our minds in order.
Let's clear our minds from dead imagery and cold concepts.
Then we feel the mystery of life in our bones and at our core.

Each item has its right place.
When we learn to put things in their proper places,
we save a lot of time and nerves.

The right place for a piece of paper is
where we look for it when we need it.

Organizing the table also organizes the mind.

In Konmari, I was struck by genuine appreciation for things.
The mind is elevated when we surround ourself with things
that bring us joy and not stress.


If we only do what we think is possible,
we will do ordinary things, not miracles.

Other People

Other people don't live for us, they live with us.

If we seriously search for ourself,
we will find other people.

We need others to reach for what we
cannot achieve alone.

Alone we are not much,
but with others, the whole world.

All we know, we picked from others.

Without others, we are just shadows in the dark.
Others live in us and we in them.

The whole idea of living alone is utterly insane.
In all stages of life, we need others more than we realize.


Companies are not owned by those who have invested their money in them, but by those who have given their brains and thinking power to the company.


We can't own another person.