In trying to explain the mystery,
the ego makes a parody of itself.


Without passion, life is just a series of performances.

Passion is a condition for a good life.


No one's path is straight.

The most trodden paths lead nowhere.


When the mind is calm,
peace enters the world.


Things are simple,
people somewhat more complicated.


Our lives depend on what kind of lenses we look at the world through: narrow or wide?

Perception changes the perceived object.
Observing thinking changes thoughts.


We shouldn't ask for permission
to experience and share good things.


When we climb one hundred meters,
the world changes.


The more we have to convince,
the less convincing we are.


A pessimist is a person who burns the bridge
before stepping on it.


Life is also made of the things
that happen outside of what we have planned.


Playfulness is not the opposite of seriousness,
it is one of the conditions of creativity and genius.


If something seems pointless, it might actually be.


Politicians are often ridiculed for changing their minds.
I think it's smarter than banging our heads against the wall.

There is a systemic error in politics.
If there is no confrontation, it will be created.

If you do not vote in the election, you make the opposition stronger.

The government gives good reasons for mocking itself.

Populism is a mixture of irresponsibility and idiocy.

Positive and Negative

The positive includes the negative.


Possibilities are underestimated more than exaggerated.


A person perceives what he believes to be possible.

Everyone has a limit in their mind of what they consider possible. There are many ways to push that limit. Sometimes it moves due to circumstances, and sometimes on its own.

When we go really deep into our mind,
we enter a realm where anything that matters, is possible.


When we set a goal or an ideal,
we postpone the realization of the thing.

It's hard to stop procrastinating.
Decide what you want to do ­­- and do it.


It is in no one's interest that people use
only a small part of their potential.

It is self-deceptive to be positive, and pathetic to be negative.
Life is raw realism, true all the time.

We underestimate our capacity and ability to make a difference. It is not wise to shackle oneself or others with assumptions based on what one has sometimes stated to be true.

Most people underestimate the amount of our potential.
This leads to underperformance and mental shrinkage.


All power is conditional.
If we don't know how to use it, we lose it.

Subjugation is an abuse of power.
It diminishes a person,
makes them smaller than they ought to be.

Power can make a person both ruthless and pitiful.

Power should not be given to those who want it.
Power belongs to those
who understand others and themselves.

Power may bring us joy,
but with it comes responsibility.

Power is a feeling.
If we feel that we don't have power, we don't use it.
The same is true of responsible.
If we don't feel it, we don't take it.

Everyone has more power than they use.

A revolution often means
that power is taken away from the people.

Power Statement

See what is and do what works.

Power Words

My seven power mantras are:


The praise is not evenly distributed - or correctly.


Prejudice is an isolator.
It isolates a person from the world of facts.

Prejudices prove that we do not see things as they are.

Prejudice is a form of public opinion
that is defended even when it is wrong.


No special effort is required to be present.
Just stop what you are doing
and focus on the environment
or the person you are with.


It's amazing that with these gas and booze prices,
some people can afford to drive drunk.


Most human problems are shared, not personal.
That's why they need to be solved collectively.

People are good at solving problems
that are not their business.

A person cannot solve problems
that he does not want to get out of.

There aren't always simple solutions to complex problems - sometimes there are.

There is a simple solution to individual and community problems. We need to refresh our mind and explode our mental models. We have to dare to ask big questions and let life answer. It knows and has everything. Everything!

The easiest way to get rid of problems is to stop creating them.

Many human problems arise from
regarding life as a problem to be solved.

Closing our eyes doesn't make problems go away.

If we realise that the limits of our thinking are not real,
we see the world as it is.
Then life ceases to be a problem.

It is good to solve mental problems before it is too late.

All man-made problems can be solved
by dismantling the minefields built by our minds.

There are no right answers to the wrong problems.

Most problems don't show up in the mirror
because they are hidden inside our heads.

Too much of people's energy goes
into keeping problems alive.


Describing dynamic processes in static terms leads to
a failure to understand the complex nature of things.

When we are stuck, we don't change.
The threats to organisations and people come
not from quick crises but from slow processes.


All progress starts from one person getting others involved.


Promises are easier to make than to keep.


The purpose of purpose is
to connect, ignite and elevate people.

Purpose cannot be imposed on us,
it is up to each one of us to light our own inner flame.

The purpose of doing tends to blur or disappear from our screen.
It needs to be reminded from time to time: at least once a day.

A community that defines its purpose in a self-centred way does not understand its own best. Communities are not just for themselves, nor for their members. Their function is to produce what someone else needs.

Everything we do has a purpose, either spoken out loud or tacitly assumed. The purpose answers two questions: why something is done and what it means to do it. If we define our purpose too narrowly, we will shrink ourselves.

The intellect considers the reason for doing something, the emotion evaluates its meaning, but only the sense of purpose nourishes the deep layers of the mind.

Purpose of Work

The purpose of work is to do miracles for other people.

Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of one's own happiness brings at most a momentary charm. Narcissistic pleasure is a drug that feeds but does not nourish. Each time we need a bigger dose, and in the end life develops a hangover.