Labelling people should be prohibited by law.

All stamps flatten and shrink people.


Nothing releases energy as quickly as laughing together.

If we don't laugh, we don't shine.


A person who knows how to laugh at himself,
will be in good company.


Laziness is a creative element.
Many great inventions have been made
because of a desire to avoid doing unnecessary things.


No nation deserves a bad leader, even if it chose one.

A good leader alone cannot take things to the next level, but a bad leader alone can turn people's enthusiasm off.

Top leaders never stand on people's shoulders, they offer their shoulders to people.

A leader never works alone.
Leading is always interactive.

The leader's task is not to make himself important
but to make people feel that working is important and rewarding.


We need leadership, not bosses.
Leadership is about organizing success,
finding common ground,
and bearing responsibility together.

Management theories see people as a resource.
It has two consequences: it makes people unhappy
and it lowers productivity.

It is not enough to change management practices, we have to smash the world view on which management practices are based. This is not easy, because even if a leader is ready to liberate the act of leading, they are not always ready to lead themselves.

Leadership is about liberating people and making miracles happen.

Under bad leadership, people do not do good work and enjoy working. That is very annoying for people, but pretty bad for the organization, too.


Those who learn about everything, learn a lot.

Life has a different lesson for those who want to learn than for those who don't.

We learn a lot by looking
where we are not used to look.

What we don't want to know,
we can't do - and we won't learn.

We learn the most by being quiet.

We learn to do things right by doing things wrong.

We don't learn much by listening to
only the things we believe in.

Learning is an interpersonal event.

Learning often requires taking the body away from familiar and safe circles.


When the ego is freed from the prison it is in,
the past no longer defines us.

Stop waiting for miracles to appear out of thin air.
Start making them - right now.


Life can be spent waiting for happiness or remembering the past, but that is not living, it is rather a waste of life.

Life is not a disease.
It is a miracle to explore.

We cannot own life.
It can be worshipped and embraced,
but it will not be for us only.

Life is a journey that sometimes surprises upward.

There is a big difference between thinking of life
as a journey and thinking of life as energy.
A journey is in time, energy is not.

Life is interaction:
the better the interaction,
the better the life.

Life is on the go.

Life gives us more than it takes.

Life is about seeing and being seen.
We need each other's eyes and hearts
to see what we are blind to in ourselves and in others.

Life is an art.

Life is not straight.
It's a squirm.

Life is not an automaton.

Life doesn't wear out if we use it.

Life is how you take it.

Spending our life sounds boring and passive.
Life must be used and met as fully as possible.

A good life comes from doing good to others.

Life is not an exercise.

Life is a live broadcast.

Celebrate life every day, its delicate thread can break at any moment.

Let us not worry, life will go on after us, without us.

Life can and should be worshipped.

Life is an invention that always has to be reinvented.

Life can be caressed, and it feels fantastic.

If we see life as a competition, it becomes a competition.

Life is being connected to a world that is infinite.
If we define our purpose narrowly, we shrink ourselves.

Life is not a brain solo,
but a symphony of brains, hearts, and minds.

We don't know what happens in death.
What matters is what we do with our life.

We are singing the song of life.
We participate in life.
We are not passive observers, 
but create our own environment through thinking.

Life embraces one who embraces life.

We miss out on a lot of life
because we forget to live it.

Life without empathy is no life at all.

The best way to get through life is to be alive.

Life is now in session.
Are you present, coming, or absent?

There is a big self-service section in life.

You can love life even when it's not much fun.

Life is a right and a joy,
not an obligation, a problem, or a burden.

Life dictates words,
we just write them down.


After darkness comes light,
after tears comes joy.

If you are not lit,
we can't light another.


If we limit the universe to what can be explained,
miracles are excluded.


Listening is not to be learned from textbooks.

It is also important to listen to what cannot be said.

It's amazing how often we listen without hearing and see without seeing. If we listen fully, we will discover something new every time.

A good listener should be valued
as much as a good speaker.

Listening is not passive.
It includes good questions:
why do you say that, how did you come up with that idea,
how could I do that, what should I do about it?

Thinking differently starts with listening wholly.

Live Broadcast

Consciousness is a recording, but life is a live broadcast.
Fortunately, we can influence the narration we listen to.


To live is to love.

What we say, means a lot.
What we do, matters more.
It manifests what we really are.


To move forward, we have to look both far and near.

A person does not see what he does not look at.

There are two ways to look at one another:
knowing or feeling the other.


There are various kinds of love. The most wonderful is one where there is no object and no experiencer. It is felt in the state of direct experience: in that, the object merges with the experiencer. The ego prevents us from this. The love felt by the ego needs an object and a motive, invented or real.

The ego's version of love is conditional and isolating, causing us big problems. That kind of love is for something, it begins and ends. When it starts, it elevates us and when it ends, it crushes the mind.

When there is a reason for love, it is limited loving. Love defined by boundaries does not make us whole. Such is part of the ego system and separates people from each other.

Love is a word of action, the strongest of power words.

In all matters, it helps if we love.
The more we love, the more it helps.

Love is not a problem; it is the solution.

No one I admire does shy about using the word 'love'.

Love is a good reason to be a little crazy.

If we love, we need no other reason.

Love nourishes the core of humanity.
Without it, there is no us.

There is no point in limiting love.

Love is not just a feeling.
It is actions.

The law of nature: love ends when we stop loving.

In the moments of the greatest sadness,
in the midst of the most painful longing,
love is strongly present.

Loved Ones

Our loved ones may not realise how important they are to us if we don't make it clear to them.

Everyone should have the right to love their beloved.


There is hardly anything we get used to
as quickly as luxurious conditions.