Magic Dust

When we are completely immersed in something we cherish, there is magic dust in the air.


What matters is not what we think about ourselves.
It is what we are prepared to do about ourself.
Anybody is capable of doing wonderful things
if he thinks it is important and possible.

By doing things we learn something
that we don't learn by reading about them.

What is not done,
remains undone.

We don't have to like everything we do.
Some things just must be done.


Bad habits are learned,
but so are good manners, too.


You know a master for two things: 
he throws himself into what he does,
and he's not afraid of making mistakes.

The champion's performance comes from the pressure within.
He sets the bar so high that effort is needed to get over it.

The master understands that he is not working alone.
He is willing to do more for others than others do for him.
He accepts mutually agreed rules,
but refuses to auction his own life,
and takes control of it himself.


The door to the championship won't open
unless we get a good grip on ourself.

Watching a master violinist play,
it's hard to understand how many hours of practice
 are required to give the listener goose bumps.

Matters of Taste

We can always argue about matters of taste.


The maximum is not optimum.


Meaning is everything.

The world changes when meaning changes.

In a good society, everyone participates
in the creation of meanings free from delusions.

You don't understand the meaning of a word any better
analysing it letter by letter.

Meaning is a feeling.
You either feel it, or you don't.


The paradox of life is that even absurd things can make sense.


A bigger hammer doesn't always help:
more of the same thing doesn't produce the desired result.

There is no need to blame life for the lack of means
because there are more available than there is time to use.

When we care,
we don't complain,
we find the means.


We can only measure the limited.


If mediocre is good enough for you,
you get mediocre.


Every encounter is an opportunity to experience a miracle.
We must always be ready for it.

When two people meet, three worlds meet:
two are imaginary, and one is real.
The real is what actually happens in the encounter.

When meeting other people,
we can repeat the old formula or let a miracle happen.

In meeting people,
go beyond the halfway line.


Playing one note does not make a melody,
nor does repeating one truth make a good life.

We play the wrong notes
and still hope to get the melody right.


When we look back on our own life,
we realise how much energy is locked up in memories.
They can be paralysing and draining.
Memories can prevent us from seeing ourselves and life as a miracle.

If we experience something good or pleasant twice an hour, we will have time to collect a collection of a million pleasant memories during our lifetime.


A person is as big or small as his mind.

When a tooth hurts, aspirin may help, but sometimes root canal treatment is needed. When the mind is exhausted, deep spiritual resuscitation must be started and the assumptions of the mind must be checked.

We need to recharge our mind from time to time.
And clear the clutter!

There are two basic attitudes in the mind: defensive and investigative. We use the defensive one for everything we are sure of. All learning takes place in investigative mode.

The walls of the mind work in two directions: they prevent light from entering and from getting out. We cough in the dark and wonder how small the world is. It doesn't take a big hole for the light to get in, and it doesn't take a big act for it to flood out.

The mind exists even when there is no ego.

The mind has no age;
even an old mind can be fresh.

A sound mind does not hesitate.

The mind is the key to the door into the world of miracles.

We can't see the mind, nor take pictures of it,
yet we can work it out.

The mind is not reflected in the mirror,
but it shows what the mind does to the body.

We can't trust our mind.

The mind is elevated if we let it do so.

'Mind' is a small word for a big thing.

Most of the contents of the mind come from a common reservoir.

The human mind is not a metric commodity.
If we really want to know ourselves,
we shouldn't just study gauges and numbers.

The mind makes our world. It is our whole world.
Once we realize this, our relationship with ourselves becomes compassionate and flexible.

The more we study the human mind,
the less we imagine we know.

Be friends with your mind.

The mind is not our own. Most of our beliefs are not formulated by us, we learn them from other people. The line between our own and the collective is like the famous line in the water.

The mind makes its own limits.

The mind is a fresh commodity:
it will rot if it is not renewed.

The mind paints the beautiful and the ugly,
the good and the bad, the miserable and the wonderful,
in its own image.

When we listen fully, the wall of opinions falls down.

Mind and Body

When the mind takes flight,
the body will follow.

Mind and Brain

There is no mind without a brain,
but the mind is NOT in the brain.
The mind has no home.

Mind and Language

The mind must lead the language,
not the other way around.


Alone we are a minority and together the majority.


Every human being is a miracle, whether we realize it or not.

Everyone has to see and make their own miracles.

If we try to do something that we consider impossible,
we may end up doing miracles.

A miracle is not an achievement.
They happen and are done all the time.
We experience them when we walk in the world with open minds.

The world of miracles is inexhaustible.

Every moment is a miracle.
Even when we don't feel or recognise,
life is still going strong.

We miss many miracles
because it is easier to pass than to see them.

Everyone can be a miracle to another person.

When faced with a miracle, we run out of words.

Because we don't dare to reach for the miracle of life,
a huge amount of life flies past us.
We live in a lack even in the midst of abundance.

The purpose of life is to see and produce miracles.
We can achieve something miraculous only if we want to do it.
We have the skills, but our will is rusted.

One cannot avoid encountering miracles: meeting a stranger on the street, watching one's own child grow up, or feeling raindrops on one's skin. We can experience that while sitting on the train and surfing on social media when we hear a mother babbling gently to her baby or watching an old couple leisurely walk through the traffic hand in hand.

Miracles are missed out if we are too full of ourself.

The people I admire are united by the will to do miracles. Not content with what life has presented, they all want to break boundaries and stretch themselves to what many consider impossible.

Stop waiting for miracles to fall out of the air.
They can and must be done.

In pursuing their shared dream,
people become miracle workers.

No one can do miracles alone,
but the leader of the community alone can prevent a miracle from happening.

When a group of people want to do miracles together, they need a reason. It can come from a desire to do something or from an external need or order. Whatever triggers the process is irrelevant to the end result.

We need others to recover from life's blows, but also to have a sense of our own miracle. If that feeling is missing, we can find it with the help and company of others.

Everyone lives in the midst of miracles.
There is magic in everyday life that defies words and explanations.
The mere attempt to explain it kills the miracle.

In the mind, there must always be
enough room for small miracles.

It's up to us to decide what kind of miracles or wonders we want to chase. They are available or even overflowing, in our living environment.

We have to be exposed to miracles.

Cherish the wonder you are a part of.
See the world through the eyes of your inner child. Think well of everyone and be kind to those who don't see the miracle in themselves.

We can recognize a miracle chaser by their level of excitement.
Enthusiasm infects others, creating an uplifting spiral and a wonderful feeling.

If we don't experience miracles, the reason may be within ourself.

How can miracles be described?
We have to feel them in our skin, we just let them affect us!

We will encounter as many miracles today as we can see or do.
And don't forget that you are a living miracle.

There are more opportunities to experience miracles than we can possibly take.

Miracles don't happen to people who lock in a definite answer. They happen to people who think there is a lot in life that they can wonder about with an open mind.


Why are we told to look in the mirror - even when a person should stop staring at himself and focus on other people?


If you fear making a mistake, you make one.

A work culture that is afraid of mistakes destroys people's creativity and entrepreneurship. That could be considered malpractice.

We learn from our mistakes.
That's why I'm going to keep making them.


Our brain's image of reality is an inaccurate model of the world.


People have twofold attitudes towards money, depending on whether it is their own or other people's money.

Money cannot buy a rich life.

Lack of money is an easy explanation for lack of joy, enthusiasm, and passion.


'More' is the mantra of the greedy and the obstacle to happiness.


If you're a bird, you should get up early.
If you're a worm, wait one more minute.

Mother Earth

Our early ancestors called the earth their Mother. It cared for them like a mother takes care of her children. Then the ego took over and we became self-actualizing separate individuals.


We can't and don't need to motivate people.
It's enough not to turn off their enthusiasm,
rather to encourage them to do what they are passionate about.


There are too many people who try to mould us into their own moulds. Too few people with whom we can dive into the wonders of life.


Life is movement.
It moves us.


Life is a mystery.
Realizing this calms the mind.
We don't need to know or find the answer,
it's enough to be open to life and let it affect us.

Thinking can never solve the mystery of the mind
because the part can never understand the whole.

Everything imaginable can be explained.
The core of the mystery remains unsolved.
That's the beauty of it!

The mystery of existence is not revealed in manuals.

Mystery is experienced when the mind is silent
and one with the world.

In solving the mystery of the mind, thought is useless.
By fragmenting reality, thought prevents us from seeing the universe as one.

The mystery of life is not knowledge-based,
and it cannot be absorbed from another.
To explore the mystery, one must free oneself from
desires, motives, suffering, and the whole ego structure.