Happiness is not the purpose of our journey.
It is a by-product of the way we travel.

There is no clear, measurable definition of happiness.
The feeling of happiness can be based on self-deception.
A person can say that he is happy,
even if he is completely messed up and confused.

If a person is happy,
he doesn't have to want it.

Don't wait for someone else to kick the door to happiness open.

Life changes when we stop expecting happiness and start producing it.

Happiness research has revealed that people look for happiness in the wrong places. The most common assumptions about happiness are wrong. Happiness is when life is not assumed.

There is a shortcut to happiness. It is found by connecting to life, to doing, and being human without boundaries. The condition for happiness is to see things in the right way.

Happiness is getting excited without a reason.

If you are not happy, you yourself may be the reason.

Happiness is other people.

Happiness is being able to walk in a sunny autumn forest for four hours without a single bug.


Harmony comes not from everyone singing the same note.
It comes when different notes chime beautifully together.


Haste is the syndrome of amateurs.
A true professional masters his time.

Healthy Organisation

A measure of a healthy organisation is how safe its members it is to criticize its performance. Flaws must be looked for because that is the best way to secure the future.


We can't hear the essentials with our ears alone.

We only hear what we think we hear.


The heart speaks with a quiet voice.
It hears everything.
It breaks if it is not listened to.
Roots deep in the earth,
it twinkles like a light in the dark.
Reaches out to the sun.

The heart needs no words.

The heart is more right than the brain.

A cold heart is a dead heart.

A heart driven by reason does not see, experience, or perform miracles.

What you trust, that's what you want to produce.

The heart unites what poor reasoning separates.


It is difficult to help those who reject help.

We can help people to succeed, but everyone has to do their part.


Helping others, you are always helping yourself, too.


When you look at the twilight of the evening
and listen to the silence,
you connect the sacred movement of life.

Without direct perception,
the sacred dimensions of life remain a dream.


Being a human being is about being human.

We cannot know anyone completely, not even ourselves.
That's what makes every human being fascinating.

We, humans, are alike in different ways.

Human Mind

The eyes are a window into the human mind.

Human Mission

Our mission as human beings is to free our minds from the tyranny of thought.

Human Rights

The right to be wrong is worth defending.

A civilised state is recognised by the fact
that there is no need to fight for human rights.


Humility is great wisdom.


People who lack a sense of humour,
often lack a sense of proportion.


You can't do everything.
And you don't have to.