Our identity is our personal selection of collective values, meanings, and purposes.


Idealism is closely related to idiocy.
Where only one truth is allowed,
there is not much to think about.


Systems that aim for efficiency are amusingly effective at creating and maintaining idling.


If nothing in life ignites,
there is a fault in the transmitter or the receiver.


Knowledge can never completely remove ignorance and sheer stupidity from the world.


Try not to say the word "I" for one week.


People wonder what is possible.
It's also worth considering what is impossible.

An important line is crossed
when we do something we think is impossible.


We all sit on our indecision.


Connecting with others takes us to the edge of infinity.


When we think, insight doesn't work.
It comes when thinking loosens its grip.

Insight is timeless. We may express it with words formed by thought, but there is no time or thought in realisation.

The essence of insight is to see that the observer and the object of observation are one. This revolutionises seeing.

A self-absorbed mind cannot hear or function properly.
Insight frees the brain from the burden of the past:
it becomes still and enters a timeless and limitless space.

Insight releases energy that is wasted in chaotic thinking.

Insight doesn't work when life is based on fiction instead of facts. Nationalism, religious fanaticism, and political ideologies dull the brain so that it does not function properly.

Stopping thinking is a prerequisite for insight.
Insight can only work when the brain is quiet.

When we realise that there is no escape from reality,
the neurotic movement of thinking stops
and the structure and function of the brain change.
When the imagination dies, only what is true, remains.


If people actually thought and acted in their own interests, they would not act as selfishly as they do now.


The same people who complain about lack of time, can watch TV for hours, even though the programs are not at all interesting.