The gaze is a bridge between minds.
When there is a connection, no words are necessary.


Genius was the person who invented naps.


We can't give someone what we don't have.

The more you give, the more you get.


To live is to glow.

If a person lacks joy and glow, it is not about how life treats him, but about how he faces life.


Every step in the right direction brings us closer to our goal.


A huge amount of good is not seen,
because people do not notice the good around them.

Good things don't diminish when shared.

If you can't separate the good from the bad, nothing matters.

The option for good always exists and is available to everyone.

I want to be on the good side,
even when it doesn't seem to do any good.

We don't need permission to do good, we can do it without asking anyone.

There is no need to justify doing good or behaving well.

The good you give comes back double.

Good Life

Every human being deserves a good life.

A good life is a combination of giving and receiving.

Good Mind

A good mind is a value in itself.

With a good mind, we go very far.

A good mind is the best gift we can give or receive.

Good People

Life caresses good people.

Good Things

There are many good things going on today that don't make the news but they make a huge amount of sense.


Goodness is underrated.

Give or receive, goodness is always wonderful.


Life rewards the grateful.


There are two conditions for experiencing greatness: we have to live with our senses open, and we have to want to produce great things.

As human beings, we are measured in the way we meet and treat strangers.

Ultimately, the measure of human greatness is not how much we can grab for ourselves, but how much we give to others.