Factory Settings

What are the factory settings of the mind? Curiosity, sensitivity, trust, love, and joy.


We live in two worlds, of facts and fiction,
without distinguishing which is which.

When evaluating our own thoughts, even the smartest person is easily swayed to turn fiction into fact.

The facts are the same for everyone. Yet we disagree because we see a twisted reality.

Facts are not good or bad, they are facts.
We call them good or bad.
By fighting the facts, their negative consequences become stronger.

I believe in facts.
It's safe to be on their side.

Facts are not shouted into our ears.
Often, they are whispered so quietly
that we cannot hear them.


If failure is a gift, there are many talented people.

If we want to screw up,we have a wide arsenal of means at our disposal.


Fanaticism is a combination of mental laziness and passionate stupidity.


What we don't want, we fear.
What we fear, attracts us.

Fear is a bad companion in any job.

Accepting our fragility is a big step away from fear.

Plato says that it is easy to understand a child who is afraid of the dark, but how can one understand adults who are afraid of the light?

The enemy of the joy of life is not sadness, but fear.

Feeling Good

There are two ways to feel good:
to do something nice, or do nothing.


There is something suspicious about flattery.


Flourishing is a cycle that takes place
when something good leads to something good.

We underestimate the possibility of our own flourishing.
There are no limits to flourishing.


A quick way to change the world
is to change the focus from ourselves to others.


We can walk past our fortune
- without even realising it.

Fortune favours the man who wants only what is needed.


The way we fragment the world is hard to justify.
We can cut an elephant in half,
but the result is not two elephants,
but a bloody mess.

Free Mind

A free mind finds the right path.

To be free, we need a free mind and free time.

When free, the mind rises,
when chained, it shrinks.


We are not free, and may never be. Many people don't even want it. If a fairy godmother gave us three wishes, few would choose freedom.

We cannot see if we are content to live only inside our heads and bodies. We must break free from the prison in which we have locked ourselves with golden chains. Everyone has the key to their dungeon door, but not everyone uses it.


The best thing about friends is whatever they are.

The world would be better if people were friends.

Life without friends is walking alone in the wilderness.


Friendship is a value that has no price tag.

Friendship is a room with a good view.

Friendship is a force that cannot be measured in years or with a ruler.

Friendship, joy, and love go together. They are what humans are made of.

Friendship is the salt and sugar of life.


The future is an assumption.
It is created while going there.