The earth is our home, our only one.
We should love and not destroy.


Many things are easy compared to changing a light bulb in a car.


Ego shrinks the world.
That is easier to notice in others than in ourselves.

The ego process is a waste of energy.

The ego lives in a small hole
and imagines what is outside.

There can be too much ego, but it can also be too little.
We can think too highly of ourselves,
but it is more common to underestimate ourselves.

The ego is not a passive observer,
it is an active participant in everything we see and do.

The ego is not sacred. It is a pile of memories, experiences, and information, condemned to a life of isolation, contradiction, and confusion.

The ego does not like the truth and will do anything to avoid it. We want to pick and choose the facts we like, and we defend them regardless of their accuracy.

When our decisions are based on selfish motives and imagined needs, we become ego missiles.

The ego has a selective focus.
It is shockingly ignorant of this feature.

Everything the ego experiences is conditioned and limited.
It is not direct experience, but the noise of the self.

The ego wants more than it needs.

Oh, how futile and stupid this endless ego-building is!

Even a big ego is too small to untie its own knots.

Egos make the world a mess.
We are the crisis we are trying to solve.

Because everyone interprets the world in their own way, we live in bubbles made by egos. Human problems arise when egos collide with reality.

The ego is a trap set by our thinking that makes our lives miserable. We may not have the courage to question ourselves, because our whole life depends on it.


Egoism is the most pervasive idea in the world. Overemphasis on individuality is the reason why the world is a mess it is.

Egoism is the worst of the plagues of our time because it poisons the mind and makes cooperation difficult.

Egoism is one of the most apparent forms of stupidity.

Ego Trip

We are on a short ego trip in the universe gathering experiences. Our own life is just an insignificant drop in a huge stream, but for us it is everything.


More than anything, develop your ability to elevate.

We are elevated when we experience something amazing. We soar when we look at the manifestations of life with joy and wonder, or when we listen intently to the everyday sounds around us.

A person is elevated when he sees the essential and does the possible.

We are in the world to elevate each other.
When we lift others up, we lift ourselves up.

Everyone has the means to raise and shrink
- and the power to decide which means to use.

Every person is looking for reasons to light up.

If we haven't been elevated in a week,
we have lived in the desert without water.


We cannot choose our deepest emotions.

Emotions don't take orders.

Words are just letters.
Deep emotions are real.


If life feels empty, we have to find the reason, not by analysing, but by looking at the facts without ego. The feeling of emptiness is often caused by the fact that our thinking is stuck in some belief that narrows the spectrum of life.

Empty Mind

It's quite a paradox that only an empty mind is full.


At any time, we can leave the world of imagination, and experience the magic of life in our bones and core being.

It is too easy to walk past our happiness.

For anyone fascinated by small things, miracles happen all the time.

The ability to enchant is an essential skill. It can be weakened or completely lost.


There is no point in wasting life thinking negatively.

The brain does not create the energy of life, it only interprets it.

When we look at young children, we wonder where they get all their energy from. Certainly not from their ego! Over the years they grow up, lose their playfulness and gradually become anxious adults.


Enjoying life is the way to go.

If there is nothing to do,
focus on being nothing.


Too many people have been taught from a young age that they are not good enough and will never be. Unfortunately, some believe that is true.


Our Western culture emphasizes getting easy enjoyment, rather than experiencing self-produced pleasure. We are programmed to assume that we are being entertained. We sit by the screen and wait for the wave of joy.

Why on earth is violence regarded to be entertainment?


Enthusiasm has intrinsic value.

If you don't get excited, your mind is stuck.

Enthusiasm knows no age.

Enthusiasm is contagious, but not for cynical people.


Man is an equation,
as big or as small as his mind.


The more complicated a thing is, the harder it is to see
what is essential in it.

Everyone has to define for themselves,
what is essential,
and what is possible.

The essential thing is to
1. examine what is true and what is imagined,
2. act rightly in all situations,
3. dare to try the impossible.


All people deserve better than what they get.

Living is appreciation.
Do not hesitate to give it!

If we don't want praise, all appreciation we get will be beyond our expectations.


There is no eternal joy, nor no eternal pain.


When we criticise, we are saying as much about ourselves as the subject of the criticism.


It is important to think what kind of life you want to spend. It is even more important to ask what kind of life you want to produce for others.


If evil is allowed to fester, it erupts as a crisis.

Evil should feel bad.

In facing evil, the goodness of people is revealed.


The common trait of the people I admire is the desire to be excellent at what they do. The will to be excellent determines whether our life feels glum or wonderful.


It's good to change the scenery.
And thoughts, too.


The exciting thing about life is that we can never know it all.


We easily find excuses, why something cannot, must not or should not be done. The real reason is: we don't have a good enough reason to get it done.


We get exhausted and frustrated if we demand wrong things from ourselves and others.


More important than what we experience, is what our experiences make us.


Life cannot be fully explained.
Why should it be?


Life in all its glory and beauty is present in the extraordinary actions of ordinary people.