No one can dance to all the whistles.


When we see danger, we either act or harm ourselves. We do not realise the danger of thinking and consider it an essential building block of our lives.


If we want mediocre results, we set a target that matches the average. If we want to succeed, we have to dare to think and do what many people think is impossible.

We get what we love and dare to do.
What we fear, we will lose.


The ego perpetuates darkness. It could end that at any time, but it won't because it is afraid of light.


Sometimes life dazzles.


Every death reminds us of the importance of living.


How many shoes does a person need?
One pair more, if we find nice ones on sale.

The ego creates goals from its own needs. When something is missing, the hunt begins for food, clothes, money, friends, sex, or power. When one deficiency is gone, the mind is already chasing something else.


Do not let others define you.


Definite thoughts prevent progress definitely.

People are sure of things
because they don't know them.


Human beings need other people like we need oxygen.
Without others, we suffocate.

As a baby, we need other people.
An old person needs other people.
And all the time in between.


A deep life is a good life.


No one can decide their own destiny.
We can influence it, but less than we think.


No one can destroy the world alone, it can't be done even with joint efforts. We are destroying ourselves as a species, not the earth.


Development can be slowed down, but not stopped.
Of course, it can go in the wrong direction.


The goal of dialogue is not to find consensus,
but to see together what is common to all.

Our biases are as much collective as individual. To get rid of them, we have to find better ways to communicate meanings. Dialogue is a great tool for that.

The difference between dialogue and discussion is that in dialogue one does not defend one's position, but tries to understand it better.

In dialogue, one does not teach others but learns from them.

Dialogue is often initiated because there are problems.
It should be done in order to have no problems in the future.

Dialogue is mutual listening. There is no taking sides, no competition, and no one's position wins.

Without dialogue, life lacks something essential.


It is easy to marginalise the different. Why is it so hard to understand that there are different people, animals, countries, nations, days, nights, jobs, moments, moods, dreams, truths, and realities. Different is neither worse nor better, it's just different. Diversity is wealth and not a nuisance, prosperity and not alienation, it is not strange, but part of the fabric of life.

Emphasizing differences creates conflict,
emphasizing commonalities creates connection.

Seeking differences leads to inequality.

Small are our differences, great is the humaneness that unites us.


Difficulties are the acid test of friendship.

Time favours those who are fired up by difficult and almost impossible challenges.

Direct Awareness

Direct awareness puts thinking in its right place. It is used only when needed.

Direct Connection

There is a magical element in direct contact that is not stored in memory.

Direct contact means meeting the other as she/he is.

A direct connection with another is only possible if the encounter is not clouded by memories of the past, nor hopes for the future, without motive.

Direct Experience

Direct experiencing is living right.

Direct Perception

Direct perception corrects errors in the mind's settings.

Direct Vision

Direct vision stops the mind's program and the mind starts working properly.


If your direction is wrong, do not speed up.

Disease and Symptoms

Operating with the symptoms will not cure the disease.


Humans have the ability to build systems, but also the ability to dismantle them.


We are different, not separate. The mind is one and common. When there is no self, we are an inseparable part of the common mind.

The fear of differences is the essence of fear of life.

The world is different in different countries,
but people are deep down the same.

Civilisation is valuing all forms of life and seeing ourselves in others. Long live diversity and variety!

Doing Good

Calculated doing good is calculated benefit seeking.

Doing Right

Humans have the ability to act so that evil does not actualize.

Do the right thing for yourself.
Use your capacity for things you really care about.

Doing Together

Professor Sally Maitlis highlights the tone in which people in the group talk about history, problems and the future as a key element of working together. This is also true in relationships and in one's own life.

Dream of Thoughts

The world is a nightmare, but life is not a dream.
Our thoughts are the dream and the cause of most nightmares.


Life is not all dream.
It is real and full of amazing things.

Dull Mind

If life doesn't surprise us, we've narrowed our mind. A dull mind is a bore.