Act is a fact.

The measure of humanity is not big words,
but small actions.

Actions should not be divided into small and large.
Everything big starts from something small.

Alert Mind

An alert mind moves naturally from one mood to another.

The more alert we are, the more sensitively and quickly
we sense another person's inner state.
The more anxious we feel, the
less able we are to empathize with others.


Your life changes when you stop expecting appreciation
and concentrate on giving it to others.

Showing appreciation is not just brain work.
It involves the heart, eyes, mouth, and hands,
creating a force that changes the world.

There is no best actor, athlete, speaker, musician, singer - or human being. There are just differently fascinating, talented, and imperfect individuals, who need each other's support and appreciation to dare to be who they are and to do what they don't know they can do.

Lack of appreciation can be just as hurtful and offensive as physical violence. When a person is not seen as a person, he is deprived of the right to exist.

Status does not guarantee appreciation.


Power and arrogance are a dangerous - and way too common - combination!

Art of Living

Living is a skill that cannot be mastered without endless learning.

As One

In light of today's understanding, the idea of separateness is absurd. It is wrong and dangerous because it leads to cold-hearted behaviour toward others. The only sensible way is to abandon the egoistic worldview, and start acting genuinely together as one.


It's better to ask stupid questions
than correct stupid mistakes.

If we ask the wrong questions,
the answer doesn't matter.

It is easy to answer questions
that have a correct answer.
Life's questions don't often have such answers.


Our brains are wired to hide their assumptions. We must consciously reveal them, and search for the most accurate words to describe them. A word is a button that can open doors to understanding.

Assumptions are loaded guns. They come from our collective consciousness. We don't invent them, we adopt them from the culture in which we live. Emotions also pass from one person to another. We share them, too. When one roars, the others easily start to raise their voices as well.

Wrong assumptions cause brain injury. We need a culture that does not damage the brain and does not defend assumptions when facts prove otherwise. We must learn to discuss assumptions freely, without fear of retribution.

It is not always enough to exchange ideas.
Sometimes we have to change our assumptions.


There are many ways to pretend,
but only one way to be authentic.

Authenticity is always beautiful.


When you sit in a chair, you feel your body touch the surface of the chair. You don't have to think about it, or make decisions. If we were in the same way aware of every thought as they arise, we wouldn't live the way we do now.

There is a simple and quick way to find meaning: awareness. When we are aware, we are free to act. Then we know, what is important, and what is not. Then we do what is right.

Awareness changes the process of image-making.

It upends our priorities and agendas.
The self is no longer our boss.

The first thing is not to see what we are thinking,
but to be aware that we are thinking.

Awareness is a direct route to life.


What is it like to spend days doing nothing,
without schedules and pressures?
It is absolutely AWESOME.