You don't have to travel anywhere to experience beauty.

Beauty does not disappear.
Sometimes it's a little harder to notice.

Being One

The highest form of working together
is acting as one unit.

Our ego prevents us from being one with the world.

If we realize the limits of thinking,
we enter a state of insight,
and life ceases to be a problem.
Then all people are literally one.

We don't need a map or a compass to find the truth. It cannot be found in the same way as keys or a spouse. We are part of reality. If we see this, we'll stop rushing around. Then we are one with the world.

Being Right

Things would be better if there were fewer people,
who thought they are always right.


If we think we cannot do better, we can't.

We should not believe everything we believe.

What would the world be like, if people were as critical of their own beliefs as they are of the beliefs of others?


The difference between the best performers and the rest of us is that the best demand more of themselves.

Big Picture

It's hard to see the big picture
if we look at the world with one eye.

Black and White

The world is black and white. Both fit well into the same landscape. A strong community and strong individuals go well together. It is possible to hold on to the old and renew. We can be subversive and hold on to tradition. It is natural to set wild goals and keep our feet on the ground. There is no conflict between making a difference and spiritual values. We take our work seriously and have unbridled fun doing it.

Blind Spot

The essential often hides behind the blind spot.


It's easy to think other people's beliefs are stupid, but we are amazingly blind to our own delusions. We wonder how someone can think so strangely and wrongly, and ignore the fact, that other people think the same about us.


To experience life directly is bliss.

I sit up on a hill and watch as the fog is clearing.
There is no need to change the channel.


Our bodies are made of exactly the same stuff as space.
There is no material difference between us and the universe.

There is a direct and deep connection between our body and mind.

Only a dotted line should be drawn between thoughts, feelings, and our body. They work together, side by side. Our body reacts to our thoughts and feelings, and vice versa.


By seeing the essential and doing the possible, a person breaks the boundaries of his own mind and enters a state, where he feels he is one with everything.


We don't use the brain,
the brain uses us by creating what we don't want.

The brain has two functions: to remember and to create.
In order to create, we must be able to forget.

The brain is looking for a solution in an area
where only poor substitutes are available.

A dull brain produces a dull reality.

A damaged brain does not buy a ticket to infinity.

Using our brain saves us sweat.

The world is too big for our brain,
but our minds can be one with the world.

A silent brain is in a listening position. When our brains are not chattering, we are astonishingly aware of everything. If two people talk over each other, neither can hear what the other is saying.

When the brain is silent, there is no self.
Then there is beauty, silence, space
and insight born of compassion.

The brain is naturally tuned to working with others. If we let it work properly, we can solve problems and flourish.