Humility is pure realism.


Many ideas have a counterpart in reality, but our minds are filled with concepts that don't. They exist only because we imagine them.

Our reality is a perception, a pretty scary one.

There is no path to reality.
It is not a place to go, it is everywhere.

If we define reality by thinking,
we cut off a large part of reality.

Reality TV

Life is reality TV, from which we construct our own drama, tragedy, entertainment or soap opera.


At the command of reason, the heart is hurt.

The mind always has a reason for the way it works.
If we are hard-wired to control our mind,
the reason will not become clear,
because we won't let it reveal itself.

We need a reason to get up in the morning.
It is great if we don't have to invent one.


We should not hand over the reins of our life to someone else,
because everyone is responsible for all the commensurate consequences.


Companies invest too much in things that have little or no relevance.


Goodwill produces a good reputation.

We can't buy a good reputation.
We have to earn it.


The majority of people resist things that happen anyway.

Many changes are really pointless and harmful. Resistance to change is often due to the fact that people know things better than those who make decisions.


No one gets respect by demanding it.


Free hands are synonymous with responsibility.

Only those who take responsibility, are free.


By doing things right,
we get what we order ­- and often more.


No one has the right to shrink another,
either directly or indirectly.


In cultures driven by fear, people stare at the rules, and would rather do stupid things than dare to use their brains.